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First ZKProof Community Event - Amsterdam, October 28-29

The first ZKProof Community Event is taking place in Amsterdam in October 28-29, and we call on the European ZK community to join the event as there will be high-quality speakers. ZKProof Community Events are independently organized to encourage work on standardization and to create an ecosystem of trust for adoption.

The focus of this event, compared to the other main workshops, is going to be on an overview of the industry, from use-cases, developer tools and research projects, with an emphasis on the path to adoption.

The current list of confirmed speakers is the following (we will post the schedule soon):

  • Lu√≠s Brand√£o - Privacy Enhancing Cryptography, NIST
  • Carlos Kuchkovsky - Chief Technology and R&D Office, New Digital Business BBVA
  • Antonio Senatore - Global CTO, Deloitte Blockchain
  • Jonathan Rouach - CEO & co-founder, QEDIT
  • Antoine Rondelet - Cryptography Lead, Clearmatics
  • Toon Segers - Technical University of Eindhoven
  • Lucas Vogelsang - co-founder, Centrifuge
  • Daira Hopwood - Engineer and Protocol Designer, Electric Coin Company
  • Aur√©lien Nicolas - Protocol Engineer, QEDIT
  • Jack Grigg - Principal Engineer, Electric Coin Company
  • Pepijn Overbeeke - Deloitte
  • Daniel Benarroch - Lead Cryptographer, QEDIT

Do not miss out on this event!


Check out the full schedule here:

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