[Idea] zkp against scammers

Scammers sometimes use phrases such as “I have made this much money” or “I now have this many assets” to discredit us.

While the timing of putting money into a business situation is certainly important, people who provide such opportunities easily are suspect.

Alice (you) and Bob (the supposed scammer).

Bob tells Alice, “I am a former core member of Tether and I hold $1 million USDT,” as if he has any credibility.

Alice, who is skeptical about this story, tells Bob,
Alice, who is skeptical about this story, asks Bob to provide change proof of the assets through Wallet.

If this proof fails, Bob is revealed to be a fraudster on the spot.

By using Semaphore or other tools for KYC, it would be possible to bring in asset information from bank accounts and other sources to create proof.
The system itself could be deployed as a web service hosted on a trusted server.

Even if the proof succeeds, are they actually not anti-social forces? Can they really make money? It would be necessary to examine other angles regarding the