Question about ECDSA

Hi community , I want to request a hand for ECDSA .

Actually saying if there exists any algorithm of ECDSA so that we can prove knowledge of a secret key given by a public key of that using zero-knowledge proofs ,without outputting signatures.

The method to prove knowledge of private key of RSA is already published in wiki :

ECDSA may not be what you need here. For proof-of-keys you might want some scheme that is both non-interactive and malleability-resistant. ECDSA can have either but not both concurrently. But in either case you will still need to have the signature publicly available, as that is the proof to be verified.

If you have more details on your goals and constraints it would be easier to suggest a solution. There’s now plenty of different schemes to select from so it’s very possible that you’ll find the right solution to fulfill your needs, once they are fully established.