Sigma Protocols Meeting

We are scheduling a call, essentially to transform the proposal into an actual standard.
The proposal is here:, and this is the agenda we had in mind:

  • How to re-write section 5 (security property) in such a way that it could be intelligible by an engineer;
  • Generation of nonce: we have proposed something at p. 21 paragraph “Commitment”. Just double-check it together;
  • Generation of challenge: we have offered 4 options at p. 20 paragraph “Choice of the hash function”. We must pick one.

Here’s the initial layout to discuss during the meeting. Please do take a look at it, especially if there are sections you’d like to work on.


hello! The first meeting is set for 4PM UTC on Monday the 21st June at this Zoom link.

Important: you must have a registered Zoom account in order to join the call.