Zk rollup censorship

New here so apologies if this is a common question but I was wondering what would be stopping people from continually submitting invalid proofs to rollups to invalidate the whole rollup, causing everyone elses transactions in those rollups to fail / be censored? Again apologies if it’s a common question, I couldn’t find any answers here or on any search engine I tried.

Nothing stops someone from sending invalid proofs to a zk-rollup.

However, proofs needs to be verified successfully before the state of the rollup is updated.

As such, invalid proofs to do invalidate the whole rollup. They can be used as a DoS attack however, in which case common networking techniques against these (IP blacklisting…) work (in a limited way).

If you’re talking about verifying at once a list of transactions on a rollup, and among these proofs one of them is invalid, this is also more of an engineering problem. You could reduce the size of the list for instance, make all parties check the previous proofs before sharing theirs…

Thanks for the response, I wonder if this type of DOS attack would actually be feasible