ZKProof 2019 speaker slides

The evolution of pairing-based zero-knowledge proofs

Here are the video recordings of the talks
ZKProof Youtube Channel


Here are @matteo slides on the Commit-and-prove proposal

Burt Kaliski, from Verisign, shared his slides from the talk

From Public-Key Cryptography to PKI: Reflections on Standardizing the RSA Algorithm

Here Jordi Baylina from Iden3

My slides:


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Here you can find the slides of the talk on “LegoSNARK: Modular Design and Composition of Succinct Zero-Knowledge Proofs” by Dario Fiore from IMDEA Software Institute.

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Here are the slides from my talk, “R1CS and smart contracts with Bulletproofs”.

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Here are slides from my talk “zk-SHARKs - Combining Succinct Verification and Public Coin Setup” (joint work with @Tromer and Mariana Raykova)


Enterprise Features for Confidential Asset Transfer

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“Applications of Zero Knowledge Proofs in the Banking Industry” by Eduardo Moraes de Morais, ING

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Here you can find the slides for the J-R1CS format presented in the Interoperability of ZK systems session (Guillaume, Sikoba Research).

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Here you can find the slides of the discussion about generation of elliptic curves for circuit use.

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Here are the slides on Privacy-Enhancing Cryptography at NIST.