Special Session on ZKPs at the IEEE DAPPS 2022

Dear ZKP and Blockchain Friends,

we would like to raise your attention to the Special Session on “Verifiable Off-Chain Computations using Zero-Knowledge Proofs – a DApp-Perspective” at the IEEE DAPPS conference (http://ieeedapps.net/), to be held in the San Francisco Bay Area, from 15-18 August, 2022.

In this special session, we take a DApp perspective on verifiable off-chain computations and call for contributions in the form of (technical, vision, position) papers, best-practice reports and demos. The focus of this special session is explicitly not on the cryptographic challenges in bringing ZKPs to mainstream adoption or on respective cryptographic primitives, but on the DApp engineering, application identification, and usage aspects of verifiable off-chain computations. The session will consist of a “mini-tutorial” for the ZoKrates toolbox and high-quality paper and demo presentations of using verifiable off-chain computations in practice.

Besides the conference and publication, your contributions will be input to a new, larger validation research initiative related to blockchains and ZKPs in Germany, with focus on engineering privacy-enhanced decentralized applications.

We highly welcome your contribution and your participation! For further information, please refer to the website.

Kind regards,

Jonathan, Frank and Stefan

Jonathan Heiß, Frank Pallas, Stefan Tai
{j.heiss, frank.pallas, tai} @tu-berlin.de
Organizers of the Special Session on VOC/ZKP at IEEE DAPPS