3rd ZKProof Workshop and Call for Papers

We are excited to announce the 3rd ZKProof Workshop, April 4-6 in London, where we will discuss the most pressing topics to be standardized in the field.

Here is the current call for papers, where you can submit either

  1. Community Proposals, which serve as guidelines and best-practices for security, implementation and applications of ZKPs
  2. Systematization of Knowledge (SoK), which serve to survey the state-of-the-art of specific topics in the field.

The community has specially shown interest in the following (we encourage anyone to submit a paper):

  • Proposal / SoK on private asset transfer solutions (mixers, zerocash, mimblewimble, zether, sapling, etc…)
  • Proposal / SoK on universal SNARKs / polynomial commitments (Marlin, Sonic, Plonk, DARK, etc…)
  • Proposal / SoK on pairing-based SNARK schemes
  • Proposal / SoK on elliptic-curve generation
  • Proposal / SoK on scalability using ZKPs
  • Proposal / SoK on IOP-based NIZKs

Will you tackle any of these?


:wink: I will try the second one though


Great! Feel free to ask any questions