Tomorrow! ZKProof Home Edition

We are very excited for the kick-off of the 3rd ZKProof Workshop in its special format - Home Edition.

With multiple interactive tools (including Miro Whiteboard, and more), top keynote speakers (Starting with Moti Yung tomorrow) and an impressive list of community standard proposals (see accepted proposals here) It might just be the best ZKProof Workshop yet!

Over 200 participants already registered and there is space for more! we hope to see many of you there - full agenda and tickets here:

The ZKproof Team

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Thank you for an interesting workshop today, it was most enjoyable :smile:
In the end though there where discussed the ZKProof interface.
For us new people, it would be nice to get a better grasp of this concept.
As I am pondering about what is this interface trying to achieve, what are its frameworks, which external functions does it want to align with.
Is it the UN SDG (I certainly hope so)

For my own business solution, we have a very clear map of blockchain and smart contracts that needs to be set, so currently I am just listening in, trying to get a better understanding of this community. :dizzy:
It would also be nice to go through usability, and how can ZKproof help/ be an enabler for entreprenours f.ex, and how it aligns with the other blockchains.

Hi AdmiralOOM and welcome to the ZKProof Community!

Regarding the ZKProof interface (AKA zkInterface): a good start will be to watch this introductory talk by Aurelien Nicolas (@aure), one of its authors:

Once you watch that you can continue with this live programming session we heald as part of our webinar series:

Please feel free to ask more questions as you dive deeper.