2nd ZKProof standards workshop in Berkeley, April 10-12

We are hosting the second workshop this year in Berkeley and are building an impressive line up. The main focus of the workshop is to discuss proposals for Community Standards. There are already several proposals lined up on the topics of interoperability, benchmarking, constructions and frameworks.

The three days will be packed with interesting talks, including

  • Academia: Shafi Goldwasser, Dan Boneh, Alessandro Chiesa, Yael Kalai, Amit Sahai, Jens Groth, Yuval Ishai, Dario Fiore, Sean Bowe, Nick Spooner, Howard Wu and others.
  • Industry: Shiri Lemel (QED-it), Josh Cincinnati (Zcash Foundation), Andrew Poelstra (Blockstream), Shashank Agrawal (Visa), Eduardo Moraes de Morais (ING)

The proposals committee that will review and shepherd the standards process is composed of:
Justin Thaler, Mariana Raykova, Sean Bowe, Aviv Zohar, abhi shelat, Daniel Benarroch, Ran Canetti, Eran Tromer, Jens Groth, Alessandro Chiesa and Muthu Venkitasubramaniam.

If you want to come to the workshop, pre-register using this form
If you want to submit a community standard proposal, see the instructions

Be on the lookout for more important announcements on this thread!


“Notes of the 2nd ZKProof Workshop” Draft 2019-July-31:
zkproof-notes-2nd-workshop–DRAFT-20190731.pdf (1.7 MB)

Please post/email feedback comments till September 02, 2019

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