3rd Workshop Slides and Notes

This topic will include all the slides and notes of the discussions taking from now onwards in the 3rd ZKProof Workshop - Home Edition.

Session 4 - 2020/04/30


Title: SoK - Formalising Σ-Protocols and Commitment Schemes using CryptHOL --> @SOK_WG_CRYPTHOL
Speaker: David Butler

Slides - ZKProof slides.pptx.pdf (780.2 KB)
Paper PDF - https://docs.zkproof.org/pages/standards/accepted-workshop3/sok-sigma_protocols_crypthol.pdf
Discussion Notes - https://hackmd.io/Nz1-uFUpRCOVKfk74Eekqw?both
Working Group - https://community.zkproof.org/g/SOK_WG_LIFTING


Title: AirAssembly: a low-level language for encoding AIR of computations --> @WG_AIRASSEMBLY
Speaker: Bobbin Threadbare

Slides - AirAssembly 04302020.pdf (424.9 KB)
Paper PDF - https://docs.zkproof.org/pages/standards/accepted-workshop3/proposal-airAssembly.pdf
Discussion Notes - https://hackmd.io/q4Eahj9PR1iLPF5KX2HVNA?both
Working Group - https://community.zkproof.org/g/WG_AIRASSEMBLY


Title: Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Constructing Protocols
*Speaker: Jan Camenisch, DFINITY

Slides - https://drive.google.com/file/d/14wm5zpRS5uhDQ4IyLYQnqcOYdl9QdVOa/view?usp=sharing


Title: Plumo: Towards Scalable Interoperable Blockchains Using UltraLight Validation Systems --> @WG_PLUMO

Speakers: Psi Vesely and Michael Straka
Paper PDF - https://docs.zkproof.org/pages/standards/accepted-workshop3/proposal-plumo_celolightclient.pdf
Discussion Notes - https://hackmd.io/@HtwXZr-PTFCniCs7fWFSmQ/HJc9loSYI
Slides: Plumo (zkProofs).pdf (2.7 MB)

Title: The Simulation Paradigm and Deniable Communications
Speaker: Rosario Gennaro, The City College of New York

Slides - The Simulation Paradigm and Deniable Communications.pdf (451.4 KB)


Title: The Turbo-PLONK program syntax for specifying SNARK programs --> @WG_PLONK
Speaker: Ariel Gabizon, Aztec

Paper PDF - https://docs.zkproof.org/pages/standards/accepted-workshop3/proposal-turbo_plonk.pdf
Discussion Notes - https://hackmd.io/@HtwXZr-PTFCniCs7fWFSmQ/SyxKkhStL
Working Group - https://community.zkproof.org/g/WG_PLONK
Slides - zkproofs2020.pdf (170.5 KB)


Title: Diogenes: Lightweight Scalable RSA Modulus Generation with a Dishonest Majority
Speaker: Carmit Hazay

Slides - RSAZKProof.pdf (1.1 MB)


Title: SAVER: Snark-friendly, Additively-homomorphic, and Verifiable Encryption and decryption with Rerandomization --> @WG_SAVER
Speakers: Jiwon Lee

Paper PDF - https://docs.zkproof.org/pages/standards/accepted-workshop3/proposal-saver.pdf
Discussion Notes - https://hackmd.io/@HtwXZr-PTFCniCs7fWFSmQ/Skqn13SKU
Working Group - https://community.zkproof.org/g/WG_SAVER
Slides - SAVER_zkproof.pdf (1.3 MB)


Title: SoK - Hardware Accelerated Modular Multiplication for ZKProofs --> @SOK_WG_HARDWARE Speakers: Erdinc Ozturk and Justin Drake

Paper PDF - https://docs.zkproof.org/pages/standards/accepted-workshop3/sok-hardware_acceleration.pdf
Discussion Notes - https://hackmd.io/@HtwXZr-PTFCniCs7fWFSmQ/B1-oyhHFI
Working Group - https://community.zkproof.org/g/SOK_WG_HARDWARE
Slides - zkProof Presentation - Hardware Acceleration.pdf (2.2 MB)


Title: A Benchmarking Framework for (Zero-Knowledge) Proof Systems --> @WG_BENCHMARK
Speakers: Daniel Benarroch and Justin Thaler

Paper PDF - https://docs.zkproof.org/pages/standards/accepted-workshop3/proposal-benchmarking.pdf
Discussion Notes - https://hackmd.io/@HtwXZr-PTFCniCs7fWFSmQ/Skt613BYI
Working Group - https://community.zkproof.org/g/WG_BENCHMARK
Slides - ZKProof Benchmarking Proposal.pdf (923.5 KB)


Title: zkInterface, a Tool for Zero Knowledge Interoperability --> @WG_ZKINTERFACE
Speakers: Aurelien Nicolas and Eran Tromer

Paper PDF - https://docs.zkproof.org/pages/standards/accepted-workshop3/proposal-zkinterface.pdf
Discussion Notes - https://hackmd.io/@HtwXZr-PTFCniCs7fWFSmQ/ryoXg2BYL
Working Group - https://community.zkproof.org/g/WG_ZKINTERFACE
Slides - zkInterface ZKProof 3.pdf (1.2 MB)

ZKProof Community Reference

Editors: Daniel Benarroch, Luis Brandao and Eran Tromer

Document PDF - https://docs.zkproof.org/pages/reference/reference.pdf
Process - https://docs.zkproof.org/reference
Survey - https://forms.gle/XxZ7JpHVBrisWXQY7
Slides - 20200518-ZKProofW3-towards-v1-of-ZkpComRef-slides-merged-20200609.pdf (3.3 MB)
Recording - https://youtu.be/dJ_GU3Yikh8