Idea for master thesis in ZKP?

Hi, I read a lot lately about ZKP and I very much like the idea. However, I am on a master level yet and I do not have years for research, although I might do this sometime in future. Any ideas on what I could for my master thesis related to ZKP? To contribute in some way? I have 6 months to do this.

Depending on whether you want a more theoretical or practical thesis, there are quite a few things you could do.


  • implement and optimize your favorite protocol, proof system or the required back end;
  • implement a circuit on an existing project or a whole ecosystem (for cryptographic applications needed a zkproof);


  • you can write a state of the art of zk proof system, or a protocol associated to it such as vector commitments, range requests/lookups…
  • you can modify a paper and use a zk proof as a building block such as anonymous credentials, voting…

A bit of both:

  • try to merge several protocols together (e.g. plonkup)