Presentation Slides from the ZKProof Community Event in Amsterdam

Last week, over 100 cryptographers, developers and business practitioners attended the first-ever European ZKProof Community Event in Amsterdam. Thank you for everyone who attended.

In case you missed it, or if you want to take a second look - we will soon present below the presentations slides from the event.

If you wish to open a discussion about any of the presentations, please do so in a new thread.

ZKProof Organizing team


Day 1 Presentations

Opening Remarks - Antonio Senatore (Deloitte) & Ruben Arnold (QEDIT) (1.9 MB)

Building a Trust Ecosystem for Adoption of ZKP - Jonathan Rouach (QEDIT).pdf (1.9 MB)

Practical Privacy Preserving Proofs of Solvency - Kostas Chalkias (Calibra) (3.6 MB)

Corda Business Case - Katarzyna Streich (R3) (1.1 MB)

Implementing ZKP’s for Income Statements - Pepijn Overbeeke (Deloitte) (632.9 KB)

Zero-Knowledge Transaction Validation in Corda - Alexey Koren (ING) (847.6 KB)

The Emerging Role of ZKP in the Privacy Stack for Production Business Networks - Peter Broadhurst (Kaleido) (978.2 KB)

Scalable Privacy - Daira Hopwood (Electric Coin Company) (721.7 KB)

Lelantus-MW - the Symbiosis - Vladislav Gelfer (Beam) (466.6 KB)

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Day 2 Presentations

Reference Document & Benchmarking Standards - Luis Brandao (NIST) & Daniel Benarroch (QEDIT).pdf (1.1 MB)

Zero-Knowledge Proofs in the Wild- Anna Kaplan (TU Munich).pdf (1.4 MB)

zkInterface A Tool for Zero-Knowledge Interoperability - Aurelien Nicolas (QEDIT).pdf (1.6 MB)

Leveraging ZKPs to Design Privacy Preserving State Transitions on Ethereum - Antoine Rondelet (Clearmatics).pdf (1.1 MB)

Verifiable MPC - Berry Schoenmakers (TU Eindhoven).pdf (956.1 KB)

Using Zero Knowledge Proofs for Minting NFTs The Need for zkSNARK- Optimized Cryptographic Primitives - Lucas Vogelsang (Centrifuge).pdf (3.6 MB)

STARKs in an Eggshell- Anais Querol (QEDIT,IMDEA).pdf (1.2 MB)

PLONK Privacy in a World of Universal SNARKs - Zac Williamson (Aztec Protocol) .pdf (1.1 MB)

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Any word on when the videos will be available?

Hi Daira,
We are currently in last editing stages of the videos. We hope to share them in a few days.

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We are happy to share the videos are now live:

@daira - great presentation! We’d love to hear updates about your research proposal.

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